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Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accident Lawyers

Aviation accidents can be catastrophic, and no one is ever prepared for the injuries or loss of a loved one involved in such a tragedy. At Barbuto & Johansson, we understand that in addition to fierce and competent representation, you also need a compassionate and dedicated legal team to assist you and your family through the process.

Our firm represents victims of aviation accidents against airlines, aircraft owners, manufacturers,contractors, suppliers, and/or all other parties responsible for the accident. In conjunction with experts retained in avionics, metallurgy, aircraft maintenance, accident reconstruction and other technical areas, we can help determine the probable cause of the accident and obtain the benefits and other compensation you deserve for your injuries or losses.

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What Could Have Caused the Aviation Accident?

Plane and helicopter accidents can be caused by a number of things, including, pilot or air traffic control error, defective equipment, poor weather conditions, violations of regulations, design defects, fueling errors, manufacturing or structural defects, improper maintenance or repair, and inadequate assembly and inspection practices.

How Can Aviation Lawyers Help Me?

Aviation accident litigation is complex, and requires the experience of a highly qualified legal and expert team. To ensure that the liable parties are held accountable, the probable cause of the accident must be determined. To do this, your legal team, inclusive of retained experts will:

  • Review and analyze all important details from aircraft inspection, operation and maintenance records; police, fire and autopsy reports; witness and survivor statements;flight plans; records of crew training; air traffic controller records; media reports; NST Band FAA reports and statements; photographs of the crash scene; official weather reports;manufacturing, design and quality inspection records; the pilot’s experience,qualifications, training, mental and physical health; and flight data recording devices.
  • Conduct an independent investigation and inspect the scene.
  • Perform any and all necessary testing with detailed protocols in place.

Because of the complexities involved, it is important that you have experienced professional son your side. If you need legal assistance for an aviation-related accident, contact us to learn more about your legal rights and to connect with a highly skilled expert team that can assist you in holding the liable parties responsible for the accident.

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