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Statement of Class Action Attorney, Neil Rothstein

In this day and age, every penny counts.  I joined the law firm of Barbuto & Johansson, P.A. (“BARJO”), because at 55, and having finished the Enron case and the 18-year Halliburton case, I wanted to go to a firm with younger lawyers who I can mentor.  These younger lawyers share my values and ethics in complex and major class action litigation – the case is ALL about the people defrauded.  I am just the person who was educated to litigate these matters, and I have been doing it for a long time.  For purposes of this post and the next posts, I will write about the truths and myths of such cases.

I was recently defrauded a few hundred dollars.  Who cares?  It all adds up over time and I truly believe in what I do.  I also joined BARJO so I could do more pro-bono work, which I enjoy as much as the work I get paid for and I treat all clients the same.  I want to highlight the words in the press release filed by BARJO with reference to the upcoming cryptocurrency fraud/ponzi scheme case against OneCoin, LTD: BARJO LAW follows the principles set forth in the case of Berger v. Compaq, 257 F.3d 475 (5thCir, 2001) which states “[c]lass action lawsuits are intended to serve as a vehicle for capable, committed advocates to pursue the goals of the class members through counsel, not for capable, committed counsel to pursue their own goals through the class members.”

In other words, we at BARJO LAW desire to work for the client.  There are no secrets or surprises.  We educate our clients as to what we are doing at every turn so the client knows where he/she stands at all times.  We listen to our clients’ opinions and take them seriously.  BARJO LAW does not file any frivolous actions.  We evaluate each case carefully.

If you have a security that has dropped for what appears to be no reason, or you believe the drop may have been the result of a fraud or misrepresentation; or if you have lost money in a cryptocurrency investment, contact me by email at neil@barjolaw.com.  I can also be reached on my cell phone at (330) 860-4092, or the firm number at (561) 444-7980.

Neil Rothstein, Esq.
Director of Client Relations & Education
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